“We’ve had our shortest half-day since the departure, we did 101 miles of our route in 12 h! (…) I don’t dare to say the shortest day because I don’t dare to look at the whole day, I can’t face it. (…) There are minutes that last an hour, and hours that last a minute. (…)
The last 24 hours of calm have definitely not helped our average but they have definitely helped our crew’s physical state. We all slept a bit, really deeply. (…) Today the sea’s as flat as Quiberon Bay on a fine November day, it lets us recuperate. (…)
We must always bear in mind that this is a complete world tour rather than getting excited or worked up when things go badly. It’s all relative. At the same time, you need to concentrate on what you’re doing in the next hour to get the most out of it. The exercise is interesting. You’re in a system that works over a long duration but you know that every second used is used. (…) Nothing is acquired for good on this course, what you gain might slip between your fingers in 48 hours, just like that.”

Infos Log