Upwind in very variable upwind conditions, the maxi Banque Populaire V is continuing its curved climb up to Ushant, with a lead of more than 1,000 miles on the record. Taking advantage of its situation, the crew is making the most of relatively comfortable conditions to recuperate a little before the final assault and to ensure that its mount stays in good shape. Those on board know that they’re back to winter and that with it, speed will soon follow: “In a dozen hours or so, we’ll accelerate again and take the high-speed train home. We won’t jibe because the wind is only going to turn in our favor. We’ve been on starboard tack for about eight days and we’re going to stay like that at the edge of the anticyclone and depression. The course is going to be very curved and all on the same side. It’s my longest ever starboard in my whole career as a navigator.”

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