When you pass the Horn you know that the hell of ice and violent winds is practically over / You also know, above all, that now you have every chance of staying alive / Something that is never obvious in the south and even less so on the dates when we went through / Then you have the Horn times that for me are very important because in extreme conditions there are moments when continuing to go fast demands enormous concentration from all, great maritime astuteness and chance. Most of the time, myths are disappointing but in 5 world tours I’ve never been disappointed / The south Indian and the south Pacific embody the ocean’s wonder, everything there is brutal, quick, dangerous, we find the sea in astonishing states / Terrorizing sometimes but always incredible / It’s not just my will, it’s the courage and determination of a tenacious crew / I’d told them that it’d be blow after blow in this venture badmouthed by connoisseurs / And who knows? There’ve only been 2 multihulls in the world to go below 60° South, Blake once and me twice (…)

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