Bruno Peyron:
“A really technical first section of the race: it was necessary to anticipate and constantly play with wind angles that weren’t always favorable. Given these conditions, our “scores” since the start are very satisfactory. It’s frustrating, when we know Orange’s potential, not to give free rein to the boat’s speed. But we have to focus on trajectories to avoid pitfalls. We’ve been concentrating a great deal on the evolution of weather in the next two to three days but we can’t help observing the enormous Saint Helena High stuck on our route…”

Yann Eliès :
“It took me two days to really lose my earthling’s bearings. I’m now completely in sync with my watch, the one including the Bretons Hervé Jan, Sébastien Josse and Yves Le Blévec. The boat is really reassuring and Bruno is the ‘boss’ on board. He’s very discreet and always intervenes aptly for a change in direction or sails…”

Infos Log