Gilles Chiorri:
“Every bump of a wave tosses us up 40 centimeters in our beds. You can imagine what the mast is taking upwind!”
“The sky is blue. The wind is strong again. We’re constantly going at between 20 and 25 knots, on a route that is still a little conservative to spare the mast. Tomorrow we’ll cross the route of the Lorient-Saint Barth transatlantic. The Figaro clan on board will try to join their pals to say hello to them.”

Bruno Peyron:
“Not yet any prognostic on our arrival. There’s still a lot to happen before we get there. Our time is pretty good so far. But the boat will demand our attention right to the end. Incidentally, Yann (Eliès) has shared us his dreams or rather his nightmares. What you need to know is that with our shortened sleeping rhythms, our dreams are both more violent and easier to recall. And last night Yann dreamed that I was giving the order – to the crew’s great dismay and to preserve the boat – for the mast to be replaced… by the boom!”

Infos Log