“Our descent wasn’t bad. To make that time in pretty poor conditions isn’t too bad. (…) There are few places in the world where you’ll find this decor around you, black spots, completely leaden sea, without reflections, as if everything’s switched off. With this vapor, it sort of looks like a quirky Turkish bath, it’s a different maritime landscape that has its charm as long as it doesn’t last for a week.”
“We’re not at all where we should be, we’re waiting for easterly winds that we don’t see coming at all for the moment. We’re in a state of uncertainty. We’re not downcast but we’re not that exuberant either. We should manage to follow a passable route towards Saint Helena. We’re not exactly on track but not in the worst situation either. In a circumnavigation, you always need to think about the whole and not get upset about temporary circumstances.”
Cheyenne :
“ (…) It’s not our major preoccupation today. Fossett managed to make an easy trip south. You can bring on 40 Fossetts, that doesn’t change anything for us. We don’t need anything, behind or ahead, to push us, to do our job thoroughly. (…) Besides, we’re ready for any fight.”

Infos Log