Francis Joyon again delays his departure

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Created on:
13 November 2016 / 2:15
Modified on :
29 January 2017 / 11:23

He’d been hoping that weather conditions would allow him to set off on Saturday 12 November. But Idec Sport’s new attempt to beat the Jules Verne Trophy won’t be getting off to a start this weekend after all. The last weather assessments made by Marcel Van Triest, the team’s router and meteorologist, have shown that conditions don’t allow for any records being beaten on the Equator leg.

©Mer et Média / Idec Sport
©Mer et Média / Idec Sport


Even if the Idec Sport crew has gone back to Code Red, it is staying on its toes while crossing its fingers for a weather window to open up.

This is the second time that Francis Joyon has been forced to go back to Code Rouge, the mode synonymous with an absence of favorable weather conditions in the next few days.


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