Thomas Coville: “We’ve been paddling along quite well for the last 48 hours, we’ve caught some wind and we’re going really fast, sliding along. We’re making averages of 32-33 knots, sometimes 40. The boat’s in perfect condition, us too. Careful attention is required at the helm at night. Above all, you really need to feel the boat, whether in terms of speed or the state of the sea. You need to put the boat in exactly the right spot, and above all, not to let it collide against a wall of water or drop into a hole. Being at the helm is a delicate task, but above all, a real pleasure. The more you enjoy it, the more you learn, and the more you learn, the more you enjoy it. It’s very much a virtuous circle. The leg ahead of us, Good Hope – Leeuwin, is the one that I dread the most on our course. The Indian is the hardest ocean in terms of the sea’s state. These are places where nature merely tolerates us, but they also set me dreaming, I never get tired of them.”

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