Have dismounted the boom and fixed up the gooseneck / Everything’s a bit tired, but the resistance is incredible, with a mainsail that’s done more than 50,000 miles still in perfect condition / A little panic when we found cracks under the arms of the floats / We scratched up to the carbon and it seems that the structure hasn’t suffered too much / We’ve protected the scratches with Sika, it looks a little like an eyebrow arch the day after a rugby match, but it should hold until we arrive / It’s my 19th passage through the Doldrums and I think it’s the worst / We have more than 12 telexes per day on getting out of this hole, the North Atlantic is really in a mess this year / We don’t trust the future weather forecasts / Our lead is puny capital in the face of what might await us and for now we’re doing 310, which won’t exactly get us home.

Infos Log