Bruno Peyron:

“It’s now been two days that we’ve practically stopped advancing, and I’m beginning to think that rather than rounding the axis of an announced ridge, it’s more a matter of finding an exit to the anticyclone forming just below us. If this is the case, then we’ll need to double up our attention, but above all, our patience, with a minimum of at least two days needed to hunt down the slightest breeze to try to get out by ourselves rather than waiting for the whole system to move and release redeeming winds.
I admit that we’re divided between the boredom of our prolonged wait and the pleasure of knowing that the boat doesn’t risk, in these conditions, further damage around the rip in the hull. After nine-tenths through this world tour, we’re becoming philosophical and more capable than at the start of seeing the bright side of things. As the game was, and is still, getting back to the departure point, we tell ourselves that our nonchalance contributes a great deal. We dived in again to examine the rip, and it’s really something to look at – so much so that we wonder how things might turn out if we have one or more stints of bad weather before getting to Ushant.”

Infos Log