Loïck Peyron: “It’s impressive, we’re almost four days ahead. For now, the weather conditions are not necessarily as favorable as before, but this boat has incredible potential. That’s why we keep saying that we have to go gently, gently, gently, because it’s pretty complicated to manage the mechanics of this huge machine. (…) We’re in the middle of a nice little storm, with a bit of swell, and we’re going along calmly. It’s a bit bumpy. This is the start of quite a strong storm. We’re going to jibe south overnight to its heart. We’re forced to, we have to make headway otherwise we’re going to fall into no wind at all, in the anticyclone beneath Hobart. So we’re skirting around the difficulty by the north. The sea is still a bit choppy which is the only thing that holds Banque Populaire back.”

Infos Log