This time tomorrow, the maxi Banque Populaire V will be in Ushant and have the arrival line in its sights. The giant trimaran is expected to stop the clock at around midnight, between Friday and Saturday, after respecting a little “constraint” imposed by the World Sailing Speed Record Council – that of passing at least 4 miles from Créac’h lighthouse on the northwest tip of the island so that the official sighter can record its passage. Mathematically, the fourteen sailors on board are experiencing their last moments at sea, the last hours of communal life on a machine tailored for performance but not necessarily comfort.

Loïck Peyron:
“If there were an image to illustrate what we feel at the moment, it would be a desire to gallop in slow motion, so that we go quickly but with this hidden desire to slow it all down. You really need to appreciate every minute of this type of adventure that you don’t experience everyday.”

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