Thomas Coville: “We’ve just gone through a shift in sea currents, with water temperatures rising by 6° in the space of 50 miles, and a very quick change in wind strength and the state of the sea. The wind has settled, the sea’s quite flat, and we’re back at a speed of 25 knots that matches Groupama 3’s potential. It’s very well balanced, all sails on, the central hull is just brushing against the water. The boat’s between air and water, it’s magical, and we delight in these rare moments. Starting from Cape Horn, the race against the clock began. The objective’s no longer to go around the world but to win. Before, we had to maintain the boat, to get through to the end and show that this type of boat, light and not very big, could go around the world. We’ve proven that by doing Cape Horn and now we want to go all out and win. The conditions that we’ve had in the last 24-36 hours haven’t been great but when we get the wind again, we’ll be smiling. In a few days’ time, at the transition around Brazil, we need to be at 100 % of what we’re capable to giving.”

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