One, two, three, it’s the forties

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27 December 2016 / 9:15
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29 January 2017 / 11:01

At the start of the eleventh day of racing, IDEC SPORT has entered the Forties. On the way into the Southern Ocean, the big red and white trimaran got a taste during the night of the NW’ly winds generated by the first Southern low. 1500 miles from the Cape of Good Hope, speeds are back up.Francis Joyon and his men are speeding along at more than thirty knots.

©Mer et Média / Idec Sport
©Mer et Média / Idec Sport


It took courage and determination to find their way through the traps and calms associated with the St. Helena high, which was blocking their route down the South Atlantic. Francis Joyon and the router Marcel van Triest have kept hard at it during this demanding phase.

In spite of some complicated weather patterns, they have managed to get away from this zone thanks to a laborious route and enter the Big South. They have kept the distance to their virtual rival, the title-holder down to 730 miles. The winds have gradually been strengthening over the past few hours and the men and boat are ready to race across the Southern Ocean. They are on the attack !


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