Full speed yesterday. Stuck last night at the entrance of the English Channel. This is the way of the Jules Verne Trophy. After shooting ahead at 25 knots, Orange found itself in the center of the depression. The boat was at a standstill last night. Movement this morning is slow. Dreams of coffee and croissants on this gorgeous Sunday in May have been forgotten. The big maxi will probably cross the finish line at teatime.
Ushant is straight ahead. The crew needs to cross the calm zones slowly and get to the edge of the depression system. The weak wind is easterly. Consternation last night when, for a moment, the boat hit hard against the sea. One reef and the staysail: the crew prefers to cut down. “The mast still preoccupies us,” reminds Peyron. “We tacked hard in the English Channel to find a more favorable angle for the boat. The calm is also part of this adventure,” points out the skipper. On board, the same serenity reigns: “I like these moments,” says Peyron. “A mixture of excitement and concentration, the joy of arriving and the vague nostalgia of knowing that something very powerful is about to stop.”

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