In the middle of the afternoon we took all sails down – had been runing under only storm jib for a while – but we’re still surfing too fast. So have steamed warps. All the anchor chain plus a large rope parcelling and streaming warps had been prepared during the morning for such an eventuality.

ENZA now proceding at a more lady-like pace and everyone onboard relazing. Absolutely torrential rain at times. Winds to 58 in one squall, but generally mid 40’s.

Heading straight for Ushant and will probably trail the warps for the rest of the way even if we add sail which is likel some time during the night. If conditions don’t improve , we will just carry on under bare poles and warps – average speed appox 8 knots.

Approx 148 miles to the finish line.

All well here. Ed’s chicken curry for dinner.

Infos Log