“We’ve got some decent wind, a relatively easy sea, things are going well. (…) There’s air, it’s easy to handle, we’re chomping up the miles, we’re really working it. Geronimo has improved since last year, the crew too, we’ve made gains in speed of 5 to 7 % (…) We’re looking to continue, to keep up the rhythm and the advance we have on the record. We’re happy to be ahead of the record time at the moment. (…) We’re going down, we risk having an anticyclone block our way in a day and a half. Tomorrow morning, we’ll be at 45° South. I’m not too happy about this because of the convergence. (…) There’s nothing sweet about the Roaring Forties. We leave a normal world and arrive in a world which has its elements of beauty, extraordinary freakiness, but also real violence.”

Infos Log