“In the zone where Geronimo is right now, the trade winds are blowing. They’re quite strong and well-developed. At the same time, quite variable, but there are a few fine bursts up to 30, 33, 34 knots… We’re tacking because there’s nothing that takes us to the equator directly. Now I think we’re going to go south, we can’t keep going west (…) We’ve had some really good wind, the passage round the Canaries was a bit shaky but we’re back to a system where the winds are strong and regular… Things are fine, we’re advancing very reasonably in the right direction… There are moments when we surf along, sometimes at 30 knots, but not all the time… What’s also pleasant is that there’s the moon at night, everything’s perfect, like in a film… It makes for really nice nights, gliding along under the moon, it’s brutal, pretty and at the same time moving. Really gorgeous, between 25 and 30 knots on a silvery sea like that. Hot stuff…”

Infos Log