Franck Cammas: “We’re going fast and that’s good for approaching Cape Horn and the arrival line, as well as for performance’s sake, even if it’s less comfortable on board at high speed due to the impact against waves. But for now, we’ve had good wind that’s never been very violent, and a sea that’s not too high either, even if it’s been a bit choppy like last night. We’ve gone past an island at a distance of 3 miles. It was great to see land – something we haven’t seen since Ushant. It was an uninhabited island, extremely wild, with waterfalls that drop into the sea. This island at the world’s end, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, was such a pleasant sight. We’re going to live in coldness for the next 4 to 5 days, and getting round Cape Horn will be a real deliverance for us. But it’s also what we’ve come to do, this is what we love, and it’s a beautiful human adventure.”

Infos Log