Bruno Peyron:

“We’re being throttled in every direction as if in a shaker, and the sailing conditions are dreadful. Drenched and numb with cold despite our survival suits, balaclavas and diving masks with which we’re trying to fight this damned south wind and icy sea spray. The only real comfort – but a significant one – has been the simultaneous news for the two future dads, an announcement that warms our hearts. The two heroes of the day fell into each other’s arms, and we celebrated the event as merited with a little beer for the five of us – that theoretically was meant for the halfway mark. (…)
On Saturday morning (06:00 UT) we’ll be one-third through the 80 days, and the time has come to make our first assessments. Saturday morning at 06:00 UT: around 10,300 miles covered in 640 hours, in other words an average of 16.6 knots. (…)
We need to remember that the shortest course to Ushant from the position where we’ll be on Saturday morning is around 8,500 miles and we’ll already have covered 10,300 miles. To complete our tour of the globe, we need to go on a basis of a minimum distance of 27,000 miles, which in 80 days – that means 1,920 hours – forces us to keep up an average of at least 14.06 knots. It seems doable… »

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