“Whew… we’re only just out of it. We’re glad to be free from it, I can tell you that. What the hell were we doing there? So glad to be out of it, that’s for sure. We didn’t slept much all on those days. We saw the boat leave the water altogether at a certain moment between two waves, I can’t tell you what the shock was like when we landed. It doesn’t make sense, no sense at all. We’re between the Falklands and land, easy. The nightmare’s over, that’s sure. It’s over. Now we’re going up north sharp, I tell you straight away. We need to go west on this route while climbing up the coast, but we’ll head west later. We’re going up, we’re going up, we’re going up in latitude. We’re not looking for adventure, we’re all tired. If you go on this sea and head straight for it, you’re finished. It’s much too hostile.  The route we took from the south of New Zealand to Horn with south winds and a winter sea, you just can’t do it. You just can’t go on that sort of sea, you just can’t go there. … It’s incredibly hostile. It’s shit sailing, it’s really dangerous, it’s exhausting. Can’t go there, can’t go there at this time of the year, that’s for sure.”

Infos Log