Eric Mas, Météo-Consult:
“This weather is really very complicated. Orange is crossing an exceptionally complex situation, between an anticyclone and depressions. As long as the sea is not lined up in the right direction, Orange cannot expect the depressions to evolve as we would like. A race against the clock is on, to avoid the catamaran once again coming up against very strong, badly oriented winds in three days’ time.”

Bruno Peyron:
“It’s been a little better in the last two to three hours. We’re heading east-southeast at around fifteen knots, with peaks of 20! Not bad with a staysail and three reefs! We need to go down towards the Fifties, and pass below a tropical depression that is developing ahead of us at 43 degrees south. The sea is still choppy. It’s hell for the helmsman who keeps on getting hit on the head by lumps of frozen sea…”

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