Loïc Le Mignon: “The morning was quite chaotic with a very choppy sea, and then it calmed down gradually, so we’ve gently hoisted the sails again. The wind has turned, we’ve jibed and we’re going south again to position ourselves. We expect to find wind again around the 310 tomorrow at midday and then should be able to go out again with the start of the front in the direction of the Horn. The routers have chosen a northern route in quite calm sea, to make the most of the boat’s full power. This should allow us to go very quick even if we’re not cutting straight across by going via the south. The wind is too strong down there. It’s cold, we’ve all taken out our double polar jackets and gloves. The humidity rate in the boat is 120% and nothing can dry. We’re beginning to be in a hurry to pass Cape Horn and go a bit further north again because we’re really soaked. The boat’s in a good state. We don’t have any major problems with the structure or rigging.”

Infos Log