Idec Sport and Banque Populaire V neck and neck

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19 December 2016 / 9:56
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29 January 2017 / 11:07

There is a rather unusual situation off Mauritania this morning. The Maxi -Trimaran IDEC SPORT crossed paths with the exact position where her virtual rival and Jules Verne Trophy title-holder, Loïck Peyron’s Banque Populaire V, was sailing four years ago.

©Mer et Média / Idec Sport
©Mer et Média / Idec Sport


On what is an almost ideal route, Francis Joyon’s multihull is speeding along at thirty knots towards the Cape Verde Islands, while at the sae moment on her winning voyage, Loïck Peyron headed west at “only” 23.6 knots in terms of VMG. On their third day of racing Joyon and his men  have a slight advantage over the reference time.

The gybe they carried out yesterday evening see them on the port tack. Joyon, Surtel, Audigane, Stamm, Pella and Gahinet should stay on this tack until the Doldrums. The Cape Verde Islands that the crew so love are 350 miles ahead of the bows of the red and white multihull. Joyon and his crew, still sailing at more than thirty knots will be passing close to the islands this evening. The trade winds are gradually shifting eastwards offering the maxi trimaran an excellent angle to dive south. Francis can therefore choose the precise route to pass the islands, either leeward of the islands or through the middle. During last month’s attempt, they sailed between the islands of Santa Lucia and San Vicente after 3 days and 15 hours following a quick voyage down from Ushant.


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